About MICA

The Model-Hobby Industry Credit Association

Making good decisions about extending credit to customers is important to the survival of every business. Getting timely, reliable credit information can be time-consuming and expensive. This page will introduce you to the Model-Hobby Industry Credit Association (MICA).

MICA was formed more than 10 years ago by members of the Model Railroad Industry Association. Its purpose is to provide accurate model and hobby industry-wide credit reporting for its members. Later the service was expanded to include RCHTA and IMMA hobby trade association members.

MICA members receive a monthly form on which they report delinquent accounts. MICA then compiles all of the delinquent information received from its’ reporting members into one report which is mailed to the members who returned their forms. The report is regenerated each month from the information received, except that written-off accounts are kept on the report for a minimum of 2 years. By reviewing the MICA report each month, it’s easy to spot trends and target developing credit problems so you can do something before it’s too late.

The cost of belonging to MICA for one year is $150.00. Our members tell us they can save much more than the annual fee by identifying poor credit risks and taking appropriate actions. A MICA membership application is available by contacting the HMA office. If you are a voting member of HMA (required), please take a few minutes to complete the application and mail or fax it to the HMA office. When you become a member of MICA, you’ll find that the monthly MICA report will become an important and integral part of your credit decision-making process. Join us today, won’t you?


Phyllis Carstens
MICA Director